Need of friends ❤

Hi everyone :wave: I am new to this forum and i would like to know you all and want to be a friend with you guys. If you like to hangout, just reply here :slight_smile:

You can also DM me in instagram. My insta account is mysterious_me.episode :heart:


Hi mysteryme, I’m also looking for new friends!!

Hiii Blackout :wave: thanks for ur reply…


Hii MeganTinista

I hate politics

Why u hate it??

it is boring


then what other things u like?

Computer science, math, reading and watching Netflix.

i like computer science too…
what types of stories u read??

I don’t read much lately but I like a lot, fantasy, thrillers, romance and more.

ooh gud …:smile:

hi, I would loveee to be your friend

Hello! I’m new to the forums as well and I’d love to have some friends on here!


Hi**_hxxd** and i m glad to be ur friend

HI TheDoodleNoodle, welcome to the forum and i love to be ur friend…

Hi PurpleRose!!!

thank you