Need of help with my script!

Hi there! I need help with my script. I’m trying to make Sonia be on tv, but her legs keep sticking out. Did I do something wrong?



&cut to zone 1

&SONIA spot 0.603 246 291 in zone 1 AND SONIA faces left

@add Microphone Black to SONIA

&SONIA is idle_microphone_neutral_loop

&SARAH spot 1.280 282 -222 AND SARAH starts idle_rear AND SARAH faces right

&ATHENA spot 1.280 35 -219 AND ATHENA starts idle_rear AND ATHENA faces left

&MAXIMUS spot 1.280 60 -288 AND MAXIMUS starts idle_rear AND MAXIMUS faces left

&CATHERINE spot 1.280 273 -295 AND CATHERINE starts idle_rear AND CATHERINE faces right

&MR STEVENSON spot 1.280 112 -265 AND MR STEVENSON starts idle_rear AND MR STEVENSON faces left

&MRS STEVENSON spot 1.280 215 -287 AND MRS STEVENSON starts idle_rear AND MRS STEVENSON faces right

@overlay TV to layer 1
@SARAH moves to layer 2
@ATHENA moves to layer 2

@transition fade in black 2

@pause for a beat

    SONIA (talk_microphone_neutral_loop)
Welcome back, this is the | bold , color:blue , highlight:lavender , italic |Cryston Breaking News!

    SONIA (talk_microphone_neutral_loop)
Hi! I'm Sonia Martin, and today's New will be another murder crime scene.

@speechbubble is 156 242 to 100% with tail_top_right

    SONIA (talk_microphone_neutral_loop)
As we all know this past coming year, we've been having a mysterious phantom taking women and finding them dead the next morning.

    SONIA (talk_microphone_neutral_loop)
Today, this morning, a family found a girl dead at the Gazebo fair.

    SONIA (talk_microphone_neutral_loop)
There has been an investigation and the results came in to be | bold , color:red , outline:red |The PHANTOM!

@speechbubble is 156 242 to 100% with tail_top_right

    SONIA (talk_microphone_neutral_loop)
Since the phantom cases has been very deadly, the King and Queen of Cryston, have decided to put all women into lock down!

&ATHENA is react_gasp_dismayed

    ATHENA (react_gasp_dismayed)
(Oh no. That's not good.)

&SARAH is react_gasp_dismayed

&MR STEVENSON is react_gasp_dismayed

&MRS STEVENSON is react_gasp_dismayed

&CATHERINE is react_gasp_dismayed

&MAXIMUS is react_gasp_dismayed

&ATHENA is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop

    ATHENA (idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop)
(Maybe I was wrong about the Phantom after all.)

&SARAH is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop

&MR STEVENSON is idle_sad_serious_loop

&MRS STEVENSON is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop

&CATHERINE is idle_armscrossed_awkward_loop

&MAXIMUS is idle_sad_serious_loop

@pause for a beat

&ATHENA faces right

can I see a screenshot of the preview?

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For them to be on the TV the tv overlay needs to be at a higher layer and the characters need to be at the lower layer plus make sure the scale of the tv is big enough to cover the characters.

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Oh okay!