Need on my camera to make It move

I need help on make camera move on limelight

need help on move camera.

I need help on walk code to.

You can not do that when the story is spotlight.

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I did the background

I did not use no sport light at all

You are using the spotlight format for writhing. not full charaters. when doing that you can only use spotlight

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It was the background that use that it .choose the background of story. I did not use no sport light at all

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But have not use is back ground use they told to change it was to dark.

You cant do that with spotlight. I suggest you watch some tutorials before making threads on this.


It was my background that use I did not use no sport light at all INT Delta house -day that back ground use

Do want change the background

That’s spotlight


Yes need some help on

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Do you want change the background on it

The backgrounds fine. What exactly are you asking do help with?

Sorry I did understand it was my background. Can go head Change

No you can’t do it with Spotlight

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