Need opinion about art again!


Hi guys! I’m coming back with my next art, and I need opinion and directions again. What do you think about this? What can I improve? I am waiting for answers.


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That is so good!! Have you thought of joining an art group?


I think maybe the eyes. U should make the iris bigger.
Other than that it’s better than mine. I suck at full body


Try to give more of a 3D effect to to the blue strings, rope, lines idk what it is, if it’s supposed to wrapped around the guy. Or is it actually on his skin? Cuz if it is, you might not need to.


Its on his Skin, but thanks :slight_smile:


Thank you so much, I will work on the Eyes :sunglasses::slight_smile:


Yes, I was thinking about it. However, when the holidays are over, I will not have too much time through school :smirk:


Okay, thank you.