Need opinion about my "art"


Hi guys!
What do you think about my first art, without backround :joy:

What can I improve?


I like it. All i suggest is making a line connecting the opening of her mouth to the end to see the separation in her lips


Thank you!


No problem!! Good work!!


looks pretty nice.
personally, i would change the color of the tears; theyโ€™re almost a bit of neon-ish aqua blue, which is not natural. try making a new layer for the tears and lower the opacity.

there is some uneven coloring here and there, which i have circled with red; you can fix this by taking a closer look at your drawing and zooming in really close.

the shading on the pants really bothered me. itโ€™s a bit too harsh; you couldโ€™ve blended it a liiiiitle bit more.

other than that, great job!


Okay I will fix it, thank you so much!


glad i helped :blush: canโ€™t wait to see more of your art!


Really cool! But I feel like the wrinkles on the eyebrows make her look pretty oldโ€ฆ


its really good, but the face kinda looks off? like her eyebrows and i cant really see the nose


Thanks for your opinion!


Ooh wanna join episode harmony


I would like to, but when I start school, I will not have that much time :smirk: