Need opinion on my art

Can my arts be commissioned?

Honestly, It looks photoshop, and not even the good kind but the overly filtered kind. and honestly, if it is, I would call selling it a scam.

so no I dont think you should start commission, if its copyright picture you used, you shouldn’t even do it for free.

if I am wrong and its not a photo shop image, but you actually drew it meaning, you sketched it, you outline it, you did colouring shadeing. all without using, a pre existing image. then yes you can start commission. it.


Thank you for your feedback @line123462,
I drew them myself without using any editing app. If it looks like edited one, then may you please give me some tips to improve the art.

can you show some progress images. because I honestly dont belive its drawn, now I can be wrong ofcourse which is why I ask.

as for advice, your art look very matt and blended, which is why it look like a photoshop filter, the colours dont have a contrast between them. but look like they are melting together, especially the hair it looks lighten up so it loos details


Here are progress images.

I know I can be wrong, and I am sorry if I am, but that looks fake, it legit, looks like you put a white filter over a picture.

I am very sorry if you are speaking the truth for doubting you.

but if I am right and you made this in a attempt to prove you are not just filtering art. then please stop. you dont get anything out of it. please dont double down.

I have seen people do this before trying to anything to prove they didn’t just trace art, despite I legit was showing prof of the original they stole and used.

No one is gonna be angry at you over a filterd art, honestly if you from the start when asked if it was filterd had just said yes it is, and then said sorry I understand, 100% it would not have been a problem.


Listen, I’m a commission artist and it’s literally photoshopped. U can not scam people here especially for money. I can make the exact same „art style“ in a minute