Need opinion on new story idea

Hey guys! I’m sure this happens to many people when they have an idea pop in their head, but don’t know if it’s good or boring. So, before I go any further with this idea, I would like to get the community’s opinion if this is something you would be interested in reading. Also, I have given a brief scene of the story so please give your honest opinion.

Thank you so much!

TITLE: Because of you

DESCRIPTION: Maya was a beautiful, smart, introvert girl, with a painful past. Brandon was a badboy that every girl wanted. What happens when an introvert meets a badboy? Will she open up or will her past repeat itself?


MC faces rear to the beach

“Why did you do this to me?”

“Why did you leave me like this?”

“I needed you.”

“I gave you everything.”

“Because of you I felt things I never knew I could.”

“So, why?”


Title: Vanquished Love

Description: Brooke shares a wildly exciting and romantic week with the man she has always loved. They express their feelings for each other, and he tells her of his desire to stay with her forever and build a life together. They fall asleep one night in complete and utter bliss. The next morning, he is gone. He cannot be found or reached. She is heartbroken and must begin the process of rebuilding. Five years later, he returns. What happened?

What option attracts you and why?


I like it!

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The second one. I feel like you can incorporate mystery and romance in this story.

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I’d be careful, I also get lots of plot ideas and try to act on them. A common problem I found was that when it came to writing I couldn’t think of scenes to go in between important parts if that makes sense. Not every scene can have the MC and Li being in love. I think the second option would be better when actually writing as you can add other elements to attract readers, whereas the first option is very overdone, so you need to think of a way to make your take on a cliche unique and different - that doesn’t involve a mafia :slight_smile:


You’re right! I will go for the second option. Thanks hun :wink::revolving_hearts:

Ooo. Can you give me an idea how?

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Maybe he mysteriously disappears because he’s involved in crime, maybe the MC is in on a investigative case about him.

Maybe he’s not who he says he is.

Maybe he left town for a reason and MC tries to find why.

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Mysteries of why a lover leaves suddenly is always fun to read!

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