Need opinions and possible choice coding help :)

So, I write a series of mysteries, and I’ve noticed that some are more popular than others, but I fear they may miss out on some of the story line if they’re not read in order.
So, two questions:

  1. Is there a way to code remembering choices from the previous “season”, if they read it? (I can’t see to figure it out)
  2. If not, would you enjoy a “previously on…” segment?

If you’re creating a different story for each season, then no, there’s no way you can remember a choice in the past story. What you can do is ask the reader at the beginning of the story what choice they made. For example, if in the previous season they had to choose between two love interests and you want to acknowledge that choice in this new season (story) then you an ask them in the beginning who they chose and split the story from that answer.

And people tend to enjoy recaps.

Perfect. That’s what I wanted to know. I did that in the previous story, but I’m worried that would be too much to read and turn them off. lol