Need Opinions For My Story


Hi guys I want to start planning out my first episode story… But I was wondering if a writer already planned out how the ending will look like and the choices you make wouldn’t be very crucial to the story would you still read it? So basically what I’m trying to say is if a story had choices but were more rather for fun to get readers entertained versus changing your outcome for the story would you still be interested in reading it???

Thank you!


I’t would be!, tho it would be awsome if you had like 2- 4 important choices were the reader example: can decide with whom he spends time with…or things like that! it doesn’t have to change the story! :slight_smile:


Thank you for your reply! I wanted to know before I planned it out! I’d rather plan out the whole story line and choices before I start writing on the portal so I won’t be lost or confused! And I wasn’t sure on peoples opinion!