Need opinions for this one


Okay guys so I’ve been having people request that I should make an episode story of my life since it’s so interesting (lol riiightttt) BUT i’m curious If anyone else would be interested in reading it as well after I finish my first story ofc



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I would read that seriously LMAO


haha really?


yeah I’m being serious


I just don’t know what to call it :sweat_smile:


do I look like I know LMAO it’s up to you


Well duh lmao








I’m excited to publish this one though


I’m too tell me when ya do


Gurl you know i will this story is gonna be crazy af


I have a feeling it will


Well what would be some of the things in the story?


Well it all started when i went out with friends when i was 18 and this guy comes up to me and was all like “hey wanna drive to Vegas?” And i was like sure why not and i was sober lol and so was he and so like a week later we go and drive to Vegas and on our way we go to street races and stuff and that’s how i started street racing lmao


Oof sounds cool. It would be a nice story!


You should name it road trip :joy:


That’s not a bad idea lol cause i do kinda travel a lot for street races lol