Need Opinions (LL)

are you a fan of seeing a characters morning routine?


i think that would look nice as long as you don’t narrate everything the character does. those are fun to watch for me!

I only have narration on when she is awake reading and then when you meet her best friend the rest is talking in her head and talking lol

No, those are boring and feel like filler.

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mine goes with the story i have a foreshadow in the beginning of the story like a future a event its only in episode 1 anyway but goes with the story so isnt a filler

yeah, it’s often not very eventful.

mines just about introducing the character and what she does when she gets up like when she wakes up she studies pretty much straight away shes not a nerd though lol shes just school focused she goes in the bathroom and gives abit more information about her self gets dressed for the day and then goes into the kitchen and i explain who her best friend is then its school and so on so obvs its apart of the story not just a filler

Hmm, maybe just show the routine and not narrate it? While the character is getting ready, you could have the narrator talking over it about the MC’s thoughts. Like, if your MC is starting their first day at a new school, you could show the MC doing their morning routine while the narrator explains that she is worried for her first day, etc.

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