Need opinions on Art Scene


I made an art scene for my comedy story I’m writing and I need feedback.

I intentionally made it goofy looking. I wanted a comic/manga vibe.

Does the blur and overall drawing look okay? I need some brutally honest feedback please!

Is the motion blur off putting? Is the style good?

Opinions On Art!

Haha that’s funny! I like. :wink:


Thank you! That’s what I aimed for lol!


Hehe it’s perfect


OMG that’s so funny! I think it looks great!


I think it looks great! It’s perfect for a comedy story. And personally, I think the motion blur is making it look ever better!

Good luck with your story! xx


I love it!


I love it!
EDIT : I would most likely bust something if I saw this in a story with well protrayed context😂


Hi I love it Episode helpers are looking for more people and they loved your art and there wondering if you would join there art group.


It’s very cool :grin: :joy: