Need opinions on choosing gender of love interests! + POLL

EDIT: Oops, thought I’d maybe specify; This would be the same love interest, the same character/person, you’d just get to choose if you want them to be a girl or a boy!

Hi everyone!

I’m new to the Episode forums, and I’m so sorry if I’ve misunderstood and this is in the wrong category!

I’m currently making my first ever Episode story, and actually hoping to get it ready in time for the Missed Connections contest!

I was hoping to include the choice between a female and a male love interest in my story, but I’ve heard this takes a LOT of time, and that you shouldn’t do it for contests that have deadlines?

I was just wondering what your guys’ opinions were, since this is my first time making a story, do you think having the choice between a male and female love interest will be too much coding/branching/etc because the deadline is this month, or do you think it’ll be 100% fine?

Also, if you’re entering the contest yourself, are you adding the choice between a male and female love interest too?

  • No choice of gender. Just write the story with the love interest either as a boy, or a girl, set in stone.
  • Choice of gender. Let the reader choose if love interest is a girl, or a boy.

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~ Percy

I think of you have a deadline it might be too much. However it’s totally up to you. The reader choosing the love interest would be cool. I would read a story like that. Good luck!


I say, since you have a deadline to do one love interest, I don’t mind 1 love interest.

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Thank you so much! :two_hearts:

Yeah! The love interest would be the same person though, (at least like 99% the same probably haha) you’d just get to choose the gender of them! :rabbit: Since this is my first story, I have no idea how much time coding one character as two genders would take, but I’m afraid the deadline is a bit too close maybe, yeah. :grimacing:

Thank you!

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It depends on how fast of a writer you are. I’ve given readers the chance to choose the gender(s) they’re attracted to in contest stories before and got it done in time. I’ve never started the month of the deadline, though. You know what you’re capable of better than anyone else here, so if you think you’re up to the task after hearing what goes into it (which I’m about to tell you), go for it!

I just wrote everything with one gender of love interest, so that if I find myself pressed for time, at least I have everything written out and can take out the choice of love interest if I need to. Then I took the scenes with the love interest and ran them through a word processor’s find and replace feature (by replacing the female love interest’s name in the coding with the male love interest’s name or vice versa), then did a quick read-through to replace any gendered terminology to refer to the love interest (basically just pronouns and names) with the correct words. Then I copied and pasted the new code under the correct label.

The organization for the branching will look something like this

#things and dialogue without the love interest happen here
if (girl) {
goto meetlovef
} else {
goto meetlovem
label meetlovem
#a scene with the male love interest
goto nextscene
label meetlovef
#a scene with the female love interest
label nextscene
#continue with the next scene that doesn’t have a love interest

It’s easy once you know what you’re doing. The whole find and replace process takes around an hour to an hour and a half per episode, depending on length. With Limelight or Classic, you may also need to adjust the spot directing for the male love interest branch, since men are a little shorter in Limelight and freakishly tall in Classic.

It isn’t the same amount of effort as writing the whole thing twice, but if you’re using Classic or Ink, where the animations aren’t 100% gender-neutral, it’s more work because you have to replace some of the original animations one at a time (the portal won’t show you all of the animations that don’t exist for the character at the same time).


Wow, thank you so so much for the super helpful reply!

I’ll focus on writing my story with one gender like you said, and then put in the alternative gender later on if I have time, so I at least have a story to post at all, haha. I think that sounds like the best way to go about it!

Again, thank you so much, I really appreciate it! :two_hearts:


I think it’d catch a lot more readers since it’s a choice they can make. It’s important you include everyone when you’re writing your story. You say you have a deadline so, whatever feels right to you that you can perfect in time. I’d say choose one now. Later on, you can make another story of whichever you didn’t do. So best of both worlds just with a little more push back to the other.

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