Need opinions on my comedy idea!

So my story idea. Tati is a 19-year old girl studying music, with her friends Leshana, Amy, and Mami. But as she tries to learn, she gets into crazy situations along the way every chapter, like getting kidnapped by aliens, or working at Wal-Mart. It’s kind of like a cartoon in a way, but with choices. Also, in the midst of crazy stuff, all of the main girls get their own plots! Share your thoughts, please!


That’s a very good idea!

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Kidnapped by aliens?! :joy: Now that sounds like one heck of an adventure! I’d probably read that! No romance with them, right?

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Nope, no romance! She sees their weird practices and tries to get out of the alien spaceship immediately :joy:

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Thank you! :sparkles::heart:

Love this idea!

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Thank you! :two_hearts:

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