Need opinions on my sister


Hello, yesterday, I was at the park with my sibling, let’s say, Mia, Mia and I were walking home from the park, and she had this long curl. She has really curly hair, and her hair is even. I went to pull it, and the hair came out. She started freaking out, so did I. I called my mom and told her. My mom looked at her hair, and everything was fine. Was it bullying? Someone cut it? Too much shampoo? Etc? Please give me opinions. Thank you.


This was her hair.


There was this big bulge and her hair now.


Moved to General Chat! I doubt too much shampoo is the problem :v:t2:


wow she has really beautiful hair!
The ends look like they’ve been cut off, it might have been that she cut it herself or someone else did?
She might be embarrassed about it, so maybe she doesn’t want to tell them truth?
There’s no way that shampoo could have done this, and it doesn’t look like it was pulled or came out by any natural cause (IE hair loss via stress).

I really hope you find out what’s happened and that your sister is okay xx


When I was six I got a bobble caught in my hair and my mum wasn’t home so she couldn’t help me and my dad was upstairs so naturally I used scissors to cut it out but I ended up cutting off quite a bit and it looked like that. Somebody else could of cut it and I hope for your sisters sake it is not bullying maybe take her to a doctor because I don’t want to worry you but there are some medical conditions that cause hair loss.


Looks cut I hope nobody was cruel enough to do it to her on purpose. I’ve had hair fall out due to stress and it’s more clumps not like this.


If a hair removal thing was put in her shampoo, all her hair would’ve fallen off. And if it was cut, I think it would already cut. I’m not trying to scare you but maybe she has Alopecia? Or maybe even weak hair? If it continues to happen maybe you should considering going to the doctors


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