Need opinions on my story<3 (questions)

So basically I need everyone’s opinion for when I do write some more of my story these are a couple of questions and was wondering if anyone could answer them!

Do you prefer CC?
Would you prefer a story with fantasy or romance or both so practically like a mafia themed or one with vampires etc?

Do you prefer changing names or no?

Everyone’s opinion would be great just wanted to do a little something so when I feel like writing I have some rough ideas on what people like/enjoy!

Thank you

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I think at least partial CC is a must, I usually don’t read stories without it.
I also think romance is pretty necessary in a story.
Changing names is something i dont really mind, ive heard a lot of people say they arent fussed about this, and its actually easier to not have to name their character.

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I was definitely going to add romance I don’t know why I put that aha but I meant like would you prefer a mafia based story with no fantasy or a fantasy without any of that thank you for your reply btw

personally i dont like mafia stories, i know a lot of people agree, but whatever youre more inspired to write i guess.

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I dont mind CC. Take into account that you are going to recive hate comments if you don’t, but always do what you wanttt.

Mafia is a NO for me. It’s overused, romantiziced and boring (in my opinion of course :kissing:). If you do vampire you have to do something original (no clichees) And fantasy + romance personally for me it’s the best.

I hate changing namessss. If you do put the option to change the name, always write a note saying what would be the default pleeAaAaasee.

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I’d like to say it’s your story, your rules. But here are my opinions:

I’m one of the few people who hate CC. I don’t mind when the author adds it but when I do fine one without it I usually jump right in and in my opinion it’s waaaayyyy easier for the author to describe what curtain things so I just like to leave the the characters as the author perceives them.

I usually avoid vampire and mafia themed stories only because they are not original enough in my opinion. The characters, personalities, overlays, backgrounds, names eta, maybe different but the bace line of most of them a practically identical, I just don’t like it.

Only three words to describe this: HUGE PET PEVE!!!

I hate it for the same reason I don’t like CC.
also I agree with @Jo93922

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I don’t mind if there’s no CC in a story <3
Fantasy/romance > mafia/vampires
I don’t prefer changing names, I always think authors choose the right names for their characters to fit their personalities etc.

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Yes I prefer cc(I only play if cc is given :sweat_smile:)

I like everything fantasy mafia with romance (I m a Sucker for these kinda stories)

I prefer changing names but that’s not compulsory

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Yes, at least limited CC is best for me but I would read a story without.

I’d prefer romance since I’m not really a fan of fantasy.

Not really but it’s fine if you can bc I use the same name everytime lol.

I prefer Limited CC. But I’d still read a story if there isn’t.

I’m bored of mafia romance stories…all of them are the same and not to mention there are thousands of them.
As for Vampire stories…I would read it if it’s slow-burn and has a different plot.

It’s a huge, NO for me. But if you want to add that make sure to keep a default name.

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hi! personally I prefer either full cc or partial cc, but I’ll read any story even if there’s no customization at all !!

I honestly love the fantasy genre tbh not many people use this genre compared to the amount of romance stories there are. I’d love to see an original fantasy story!! I love the romance genre as well and I also agree with a few of the other replies here, mafia stories are kind of over-used and romanticized in a controversial way. However, it’s your story, feel free to do whatever you’d like :))

okay I have to be honest, I hate having to choose my own names, it makes me anxious and I think too much and then I regret the name soon into the story. I prefer the set names the author chooses.

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