Need opinions on where to take my story

sorry if this makes no sense. I’m exhausted because it’s late here

I need to know people’s opinions for my story. I was recently watching “One Day at a Time” on Netflix and got heavily inspired for my story. These are my two options.

A little about the MC The mc is a girl who gets along with her step family but when she moves to New York they grow apart. She sleeps with a lot of people shes bi. She breaks laws and she is a major party girl. She is attending college but doesn’t take school seriously.

The mc has a bad and heartbreaking past. But she moved with her step family at a young age so they are her “real family”. She ends up getting into drinking and drugs and tries to sober up but fails. But that won’t be the main focus.

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how do I say this in a nice way…
WHY would she sleep with people? we already got in my bed and kiss list
I’'m not being mean but maybe you should do something original
however I like the family parts though
So she’s a bad girl? ANGREY TYPING
If she breaks laws why ain’t she in jail
people think about the childern

Hey there. I think you have a good start with your idea. Love the family aspect but I agree with @Kyra101. There are a lot of stories that have the mc sleeping with different people and it is a bit cliche. Sex isn’t always necessary in a story or to make the plot move along but this is just my opinion.

So the mc had a traumatic past that caused her to bond with her step family.

Looking at the family bond was it strong because you say that they drift a part which is sometimes possible but other times unlikely since strong bonds with family can’t break so easily.

So maybe something happened that caused the bond to weaken? A death? A falling out and family chose sides? Something that would explain why they drifted apart when the mc left for college. But even with this you can still keep one family member that still talk so to the mc, sometimes that person could be a voice of reason, a mirror to see what’s happening with the family since the mc may not have cut all ties completely and still care for the family.

The traumatic past can go two ways by either they avoid dealing with it or they accept it and try to live with it.

Avoiding it would be when the mc ignores the impact it had and lives by forgetting it however there are some triggers that occur and this can be where she makes the wrong or unwise decisions. There would be some days when the mc is fine and has some piece but until it is dealt with they can’t move on properly. So basically the mc has a facade.

The dealt with it option is when the mc has accepted what happened to her (depends on the situation) and by accepted I mean she understood that it was an uncontrollable event, that she had no power over it and stops thinking about the what if’s. With accepting it they are able to move forward but there are times when triggers occur but they are able to overcome it. This mc is happy with who she is or working to a better self.

The personality of the mc can be anything once it reflects her past as it made her who she is.

Like I said this is my opinion on your idea. There are many ways this could go.

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