Need opinons on MC design

Hi everyone! I’m currently working on my first story (almost done coding the first chapter!), and I’d love some feedback on the design of my MC. He lost most of his sight in a car crash when he was in high school, and as a result he’s supposed to have a lot of scarring around his eyes. Also, one of the plot points is that he’s very insecure of how his eyes look, and almost always hides them behind his sunglasses . None of the scar options in the outfit portal were giving what I wanted them to give, but I sorta liked how the eye veins looked. I personally like the style, but I’m also worried people won’t be into it and think its weird. Here’s a side by side of him with the veins vs without. Lmk which one you guys prefer! Also, if you have any ideas on something else that might look better please share! Thank you :slight_smile:

No visable scars


Imo I really like the veins! It looks like what you have described, it doesn’t look weird or too ‘over the top’. If you explained it as scarring then it definitely looks like some scarring, especially with the freckles mixed into it.