Need Outfit Help ASAP

Hey guys, I need help making an outfit for an overly cheerful female character (sort of like pinky pie from my little pony)

If you could make an outfit for me that would be great, thx in advance! :cherry_blossom:

Here’s the character

Character Details:
Body: Rose 07
Brows: Bushy Thick; Dark Brown
Hair: Medium Curly Solid; Warm Pink
Eyes: Round Downturned Wide; Grey Cool
Face: Square defined
Nose: round button
Lips: Full heart pouty: Plum gloss


Do you mind giving me the character details, like body brow, hair etc so I can create the character with the outfits

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Sure I can do that, one sec. :cherry_blossom:

Ok this is the best I can do, I know there are more outfits she is wearing so I am trying to find the closest clothing that matches the pictures

I couldn’t find a jacket that was close to what she is wearing.
Her face might not look exactly likes yours, I just went off what I thought it was.

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Thxxx, (I was only using pinky pie as a reference for personality) the outfit looks cute :smile:

Oh ok so you want overly cheery outfits, ok give me a bit and I will get back to you

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Hey I sent you a PM, the other day, let me know if they are ok outfits?

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Thx you very much for the outfit, tho it’s a bit too mild. I could use it on her alternate :cherry_blossom:

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