Need overlay help

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Hi, I also need help with overlays
How can I make a text overlay rotate right into the scene? I understand that I need to scale and shift and all that, but problem is that my overlay won’t shift at all. It’s just stuck on the default scale and position. I had an overlay before that that worked really well

What do you have so far in the script?

What’s your overlay size and what anchor point are you using?

I have a lot of directing after the overlay, but the overlays are for the into which is after the background, right at the beginning.

Can you send the script that you currently have?

I’m so sorry for this late reply, I was offline for a really long time.

I got home today and when I went to the writer portal I deleted my whole script due to change of ideas and tried overlays again and it worked.

But I really really really appreciate all your help and for going out of your way to try and help.
Thank you all so much.