Need overlay of Psychic table with 2 chairs, no crystal ball

Hey guys! I am looking for someone or any art shop that can help me with a tarot card reader/psychic table with red table cloth, 2 chairs opposite of each other so the characters can sit, but I don’t want anything on the table.

If anyone can help me, please let me know! Thanks!

There’s no tarot cards with this, but the table and some chairs are covered…

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Can I use these please?

Yeah, that’s why I posted them :blush:

No credit needed by the way. They’re from Pixabay.

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Thank you so much! I saw the same on google but I couldn’t get the png pic

No problem. Yeah try and steer clear of downloading anything from Google to avoid breaching copyright in images.

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Yes I look for images that don’t have that copyright logo. Tbh it’s annoying when seeing those logos :joy:

I’m sure it is lol.

Pixabay is a great source to use!

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I will definitely note that down and hopefully it will be useful in the future :relaxed:

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