Need Overlays! I'll give a shoutout for it!

Hey guys! I’m trying to make a game menu in the beginning of my story. I need a “Start”, “Customize”, “Skip” and “Credits”. If you can help me it’d be greatly appreciated. I’ll PM you all the details if you’re doing it for me! Thank you!


I can do it love
You can put up a request in the forever art shop by tagging me @

Thank you!! Do I send the details in a message or PM?

Do you mind putting them in the art shop ?

I’m a part of it
I don’t miss out if you put them out there !

Alright thank you!

Cool this is solved !

I can help you with the text overlays if you still need someone :upside_down_face:

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thank you for the offer but I already have someone do them for me :slight_smile:

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