Need overlays made ASAP

I need the table and rear chair as overlays
table and rear chair as overlays.
just the middle table
the counter


i can make them

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I can make them if you’d like! Let me know :relaxed:

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That would be great thanks babe❤️

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i kinda already made them …

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Alright then, hahah!

Oh my thank you so much❤️

Send them to me love and send me what name I should credit you in my story thanks

here they are
i had to crop the backgrounds to fit the episode background sizes



ig: lost.puppy.episode

Alright I got you thank you so much :heart:

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no problem :two_hearts:

Hey I’m having problems with the overlays when I try to upload them it’s telling me they’re not png

yes forums dont apload transparent pngs so u have to remove the bg at

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Got it thank you😁

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