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sO I have the first 2 1/2 chapters of my story done, it’s not published yet. I want no more then about three people to preview it before I finish it :slight_smile: If you’re up for the challenge >:)
Here’s the link:

Do you want feed back on it?


Okay, I’ll go read it now and get back to you. :wilted_flower:

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Hello! I actually really like your story so far- there’s a couple of grammar issues as well as tense mistakes (like using “was” instead of “is”)- if you want I can go over the script and help you fix those small errors :,)

I love all of the characters already and that’s quite rare for me when starting a story.

Honestly, the beginning was kind of slow because it felt like a generic “get ready with me” sort of deal, but you transitioned it smoothly and it overall works.

Your witty dialogue and ideas shine through and I thoroughly appreciate the little things like D.W. because that shit is funny as hell to me The dialogue also felt natural and genuine.

Honestly, I’m loving the plot and characters so far. Perhaps you can work on the directing at some points (if you would like, I can be more specific).

Overall, your story is well-written and genuine! Like I mentioned, if you want me to go over your script and point out those (basically meaningless and nitpicky) errors, I would be more than happy to do so!! :))

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Thanks! I usually go back for the grammar mistakes right before I published for a final read through, so Ill be sure to fix those :slight_smile: It’s going to be sort of slow burn story, And I was so eh on doing a beginning like that, but I had never done one like that and I felt like it was an easier way to introduce the characters- but I’m glad someone likes it bc I was like on the edge about it lmfao.
As far directing I’ll probably go back and fix those, like the zooms which can sometimes not be big enough or sometimes the overlays don’t blend very well, that stuff I usually just fix up before I publish it.

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I know the third chapter probably had allot of mistakes cuzzzzzzz I usually go through the spelling errors before I start the next chapter and then before I publish I’ll go through the grammar mistakes, but chapter three isn’t finished so I haven’t gone through the spelling mistakes lmaoo.

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Honestly, I do the same thing lmao

Your story does have a lot of potential though- good luck with it!! And if you need help with anything, you can ask me :))

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