Need People To Test My Story (Unfinished)

Hello everyone! I’ve recently started a new story and I’ve noticed differences in my story when I test it on the app or the web previewer. I was wonder if anyone (multiple people) could test my story out on their device? Pm me for the link if you’re interested :] ~ Note: this is less that half of the first episode and I’m still adding scenes in between + after.

Things I’m looking for:

* Are there any spelling errors (Ex: Grammar or phrases misused)

* Are there any directing errors (Ex: Characters/ overlays out of place, tappable choices not working, etc.)

* Are the scenes not flowing perfectly (Ex: Characters popping up late)

* Anything that is out of place

I can help.

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A piece of advice: It can sometimes have glitches on both when previewing! I would just preview it on google chrome through a pc and click on ‘track script’ that way I can verify that episode or whatever is the one with the error it should resolve it. You can publish with some errors in your dialogue though if you’re worried about that. Other than good coding don’t worry!

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Thank You For The Tip! :smile:

You’re all welcome!

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