Need practise drawing! (LL)

Hi everyone,
I really want to practise drawing characters so if you drop your characters down, I will draw them and PM them to you if you want.


Skye =

Leighton =

Sure! Here’s me.


Done by @gl.livie :hugs:

You can use mine if you wanted


Fairoz cc 2.0

Avneet cc 2.0 Liam cc
these two togetjer if u can

You can use mine
Choose anyone you like





P.S-If only (Only IF possible), can you put them together?
I also would like to see them :blush:

Thanks everyone. But just saying I might not be able to do full body but I can try.

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Here is my character if you will be using it x

Omg girl when i saw your character i seriously thought i saw my self twin :joy::joy::kissing_heart:

:joy::joy::joy: they look exactly the same omg

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I would like to see the drawing if you will draw my character :blush:

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Ok, thanks

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I would like for you to draw my character. Do you need more details?

No, that’s fine. So many characters tho

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