Hello! Does anyone have prison bars overlay and a prison cell background ?

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ok did some search if they are copyright our not I don’t know some of them are overlays I hope you can use them x









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Thank you so much!!! How should I credit you? Or do you know who owns these?

I don’t know dear i just did a google search for you, i try always to help people x

Oh okay. I’ll give you credits if I use any of these. How should I credit you?

put that line up has an episode name so i think there is an overlay off to use x

you dont have to credit me, i would like it more if you read a little of my story lol i need readers :laughing:

Okay, what’s your story’s name?

What do you mean?

here some overlays you can use for in a room x

my story is "Dr. Love… " by zoekezoef_episode

I Found the whole series with overlays …


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hm, i don’t know if you remember, but i did this overlays and bg for you, a time ago :thinking:

Do you know that your supposed to search for anything you use in your story on google? the images there might be copyrighted and may not be usable. check out this thread…

No i don’t because i did not used them yet but i don’t know if you wanted to be credited because normal i put the name on it from the designer with my own edit program because i never know when I am using it.

Alright, thank you.
All I was looking for were prison bars overlays, but thanks for helping.

I just thought id say that with using pictures from google you may want to be careful as it can be seen as copyright or stealing the image. There are free sites with images available for use on, im not shre what they are though. If i come across the links again ill let you know x

I never had problems with it, and in the begin of a story i always write if i use an background our overlay that is yours please leave a message i will credit you.

Makes sense, i just wanted to say incase anyone didnt know x

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Because sometimes you find them on google then you don’t know from who they are x

Hey, try Pixabay. It has lots of free, uncopyrighted images you can use, and they are downloadable in different sizes, which makes it super useful for Episode backgrounds. A lot of us Episodians use Pixabay.