Need prison themed covers asap!

Hello everyone. I’m writing a story called INMATES and I need a cover for it asap! I would love it if anyone would be interested.



I’m looking for something like this : 20180729_210742

But in a prison theme with both of them wearing prison jumpsuit pants and white tanks. Would love it if the boy could have a slit on his brow. Looking for a really steamy cover.
Please help x

body- tan
Brow: thin arch
Hair: short cropped (black)
Eyes: deepset piercing (white)
Face: defined triangle
Nose: button
Lips: uneven (terracotta)
Abs but not too much haha

Body: light
Brows: seductive arch
Hair: beach wave (white)
Eyes: upturned feline (white)
Face: oval
Nose: elven
Lips: full round

ANDDD my name on Episode is Pearlish :slight_smile: