NEED PROMO?! I need some free artists to make some art!

Here’s some pictures of my characters. I see this as a win win! I can promote my story and you get recognised for your artistic talents!
You can make: A love triangle scene
an ad, mind that the first 2 characters are going to be a couple by the end of the story

Story information: horror/dark fantasy genre not too sure
Nadine(girl) is kidnapped and forced to live her new life in a ghostly town, some are out for blood, she is adopted by a strange wealthy, very powerful lady and only Phil (guy holding book) can help her get out.

posting specific details tomorrow

NADINE: @NADINE MCCALLISTER changes into School Uniform
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes hairColor into Chestnut
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes mouthColor into Orange Crush
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes eyesColor into Green
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes hair into Straight
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes eyebrows into Thick Flat
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes nose into Soft Natural
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes face into Diamond
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes bodyColor into Umber
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes eyes into Round Bold
@NADINE MCCALLISTER changes mouth into Classic

PHIL:@PHIL changes into School Suit
@PHIL changes hairColor into Black
@PHIL changes mouthColor into Blush
@PHIL changes eyesColor into Auburn
@PHIL changes hair into Short Wave
@PHIL changes eyebrows into Thick Arch Athletic
@PHIL changes nose into Broad
@PHIL changes face into Diamond
@PHIL changes bodyColor into Light Ocre
@PHIL changes eyes into Classic Round
@PHIL changes mouth into Pouting Oval

MARCELLUS: porcelain skin
bush arch eyebrows
long bangs black hair
deepset piercing in auburn eyes
square jaw face
refined nose
uneven sand lips