Need proofreader and can proofread too, and a friend so we can talk

So I am staring my first story and I wanted someone to be my proofreader and I can be yours too.
I also want a friend so I can talk about my story and that person can talk about their with me, we can share backgrounds, outfits, etc.
So we can help each others and gave ideas, we can work individually or together. But I want more is a friend who can help me and I can help :slight_smile:


I’ll love to be your friend :heart:

I would love to be your friend…I am actually was seaeching for someone too…
PS - I can proofread too

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Hey there love! I’m actually looking for an exchanged proofreader as well, and a friend of course to also discuss episode related stuff and help each other out. Let me know love! :revolving_hearts:


Hey! I am also searching for one …I want to PM u but I can’t cuz ur profile is hudden…PM me if you are interested :heart::two_hearts:

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I’m looking for a proofreader as well I haven’t published my first story yet.

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Sorry about that I pm you! :revolving_hearts:

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Can you be one in exchange? Cause I would love to! :sparkles: only if your interested of course love. Even if you can’t be mine I would love to help you and be yours!

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I would love to proofread your’s

PM or my ig is sotousss.episode and we can make a group or talk, and yeah I want to be friends too :slight_smile:

hey love, my ig is sotousss.episode so we can talk all about episode and I would love become friends:)

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Are You Interesses in proofreading My Story and i‘ll proofread Yours?

Are u still looking for someone? I kind of been in need of something like this in a long time.
If u are still looking then I can tell a bit about myself

Could someone proofread it pls??, sad part is that i published it without knowing it couldn’t be proofread it without passes :frowning: