Need Proofreaders!

Hii there! :upside_down_face:

As I mentioned in the title, I’m looking for a couple of proofreaders for a story I’m revamping! As of right now, I’m in the writing stage, meaning everything would be done through Docs.

If you’d like to help me further, I’d appreciate anyone with advanced directing knowledge that could go over it on the app before publishing it.

A few informations about the story:

  • Genre: Drama
  • Advanced directing
  • Will be working on 5 episodes to publish.
  • Description: Secrets, scandals, and drama await for 22-year-old aspiring singer Engeleis Payne when she travels to NYC looking for a chance to make it in the music industry. Will she be ready to face all the obstacles going her way?

If you’re up for it, let me know so I can send you the link.

Thank you in advance! :relaxed:


I can try :slight_smile:

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Awe, thank you! I appreciate it, I’ll send you the link in a pm :blush:

I’m unable to send you a pm, is there any way I could give you the link privately?

I can try it too if you want.

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Thank you!! I appreciate it! I’ll send the link now in a pm :blush:

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Sure! Why not?

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Thank you!! I’ll send you a pm :blush:

Bump :upside_down_face:

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Hey dear
I do proofreading
I have worked with more than 11 stories
$1 / episode
Dm me if you are interested!

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Thank you so much for offering, I’ll dm you :relaxed:

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