Need reads? Lets do a (risk and reward) read for read!

Hey guys, I’m absolutely terrible at promoting my stories, but for this one, I want to make sure I’m doing everything I can!


  • Send my the description, cover, and title (and anything else about the story)
  • Before I read your story, I will need you to send me screen shots of each episode of mine (just so no one ghosts me lol- also if you’re afraid I’ll ghost you- this is my instagram @epi_jesse - feel free to expose me if I do aahah)
  • I’ll send you a reply saying “accepted!” - at that point you can go read my story and send screenshots to my insta or on private message here <3 - then I’ll read the first 3 episodes of yours!

OK- here’s my story!

Title: R&R: countdown
Desc. Upon discovering his powers are killing him, small town superhero Quinn must decide to let go, or risk forfeiting his life in order to save the his city.

  • choices
  • mini games
  • overlay poses
  • advanced directing

Thanks so much, guys

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