Need review on my cover!


Hey guys! I made a cover for my story Hades Queen! I want a honest review on it because this is the first time I made a cover for my own story. Thank you :slight_smile:


these are incredible!!! do you want an opinion of which one is better out of the 2 :blush:?


Of course, with pleasure!!!


I like the 2nd one
The colours are more contrast and you can see what is happening in the cover better


Can you be more specific?


I prefer the first one as it just doesn’t look as bold as the second one and Hades is evil/dark so it kind of goes with him you know what I mean :blush:


Thank you :blush:


Thank you :slight_smile:




I can if you want, what can I review for you ?:smiley:


DM me!!




Hi! First, congratulations on your first cover! :grin: And my personal preference would be the first one, because the black is a little greyish which I love (gives me the film noir feels!). And I would change maybe one thing, which is the title, because now it almost falls of the edge. I would place “HADES” and “QUEEN” centered under eachother and not on one line. Also maybe a little bigger?

But overall, great job, especially if this is your very first one!


It’s really good! But I think the girls palm is a little huge for her lol


Thank you for the honest review!! I’ll keep that in mind :slight_smile: :blush:


Yeah! I suck at drawing lol :rofl: :rofl:


Please, that is one of the best drawings I’ve ever seen! U BE AMAZINF!


Thank you :heart: :blush: