Need script template for 4 people talking will give credit need ASAP!


hey I need a script template for 4 people talking in same frame in school hallway. Will give credit!!! Thanks!!!


Place 1st character upscreen left faces right, 2nd screen left faces right, 3rd upscreen right faces left, 4th screen right faces left


Hey! This is actually not hard to do yourself at all. All you need to do is to preview the story in either the app or the online writer portal. While doing that and being in the scene you want to be in with all the characters you want already on screen (just place them randomly) you click on “Directing Helper” and then “Spot Helper” and then just place your characters wherever you’d like! You can also scale them if you click on one of the buttons to change it from placing to scaling, and to choose another character to place you just click on “change”. And on the side with tiny letters (or in the box under the preview screen) you can see the code for the placement. Then you just write @CHARACTER spot numbers here in zone 1/2/3 :slight_smile: Hope you understood!


Thanks so much!


You’re welcome! But I see now that I made a mistake. It’s not “@CHARACTER is spot” but just “@CHARACTER spot” without the “is” :slight_smile: