Need serious help, In Desperate need of an Advanced Coder

Hello, Am new to joining the fun of writing Episode stories, and am a complete noob. I watched a bunch of videos and tried pretty much everything to attempt to figure it out on my own but after countless hours getting barely anywhere with it, I realized I can’t make my first story without help. I really need someone, even possibly a new friend, who can be there and show me how to be an advanced coder myself so I can finally make my own stories and enjoy doing them. I would appreciate any help I can get.


Here are a few more resources, if you haven’t already seen them. :see_no_evil:

Though I can’t help you write your story (because I’m not a co-writer), I can help with smaller problems you might have here and there. My PMs are always open.

Aww, don’t give up! Coding takes time, and no one gets the hang of things immediately.

Although I can’t co-write with you, I can definitely help with basic and/or intermediate coding (as well as a bit of advanced too.) Private message me if you have any questions.

I noticed you’re new so just in case you don’t know how, you can click on my profile picture and then click on “message.”

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I just wanted to give you some relief by saying I’ve been in the exact same boat as you, believe me. The best way I learned on my own is by watching YouTube videos and help from people here on the forums. If you would like some you tubers with tutorials click. one. of. these. individually.

I can’t do much but suggest websites, drives, and videos for you since I’ve kind of mastered looking up the answers to coding issues I have myself, so PM me if you need that at all. (/juliewrites mentioned how to PM in her last sentence btw). Although, I don’t have the availability to co-write with you, as I do have much on my plate, all I can suggest is watching videos, practice, and reaching out for help like these amazing young ladies above. -Or checking the forums for people who would be interesting in co-writing with you or vice versa. I hope you find what your looking for and I wish the best of luck with all your future stories :two_hearts:


Hey , i will love to help . I was also on the same condition when i started .
If u are interested plz lemme know , am a co-writer and co-coder :innocent:

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Heres my top tip that I tell everybody in your position!

Focus on getting the basic directing completely fluent first!

So much so you can literally do the basic directing without having to think about it, once you’ve got that down and you know all your basic commands including the difference between when to use @ and &. Then you can start looking at advanced coding.

It comes with a hell of a lot of time and practice, and I know theres a lot of pressure on writers to have advanced coding in their stories but we’ve all started somewhere before, my first story now is literally embarrassing to my writing and coding skills I’ve developed! So much so, I’m rewriting it and I’ve been on the platform for a number of years now and it’s taken me this long to get comfortable with tricky advanced coding!

And another thing to remember, is that you are on no time scale to publish. There is no deadline (unless theres a contest ofc!) So why not take your time to cultivate your craft instead and release when YOU’RE ready and you’re satisfied that your coding and directing etc is at the standard you want it to be :))

There are so many lovely and wonderful people on here that can help you, and I dont mind if you want to reach out to me on here or at @calico.episode on instagram if you have any questions :)) unfortunately I’m super busy so I cant help you code whole passages but I can give you advice, little tips and help you solve problems/errors :))

Check out Joseph Evans on YouTube and

Those are really great resources.

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