Need Side Characters/Extras For My Story (I'm a bit new, so any help would be appreciated!)

Hi, my name is Purple Bear. I’m writing this anime-esque story called Mana King (I might change the title later, because it’s super cringe now). It’s basically about this guy named Ayato who comes from a wealthy family. A new guy named Shou comes to town and he can control Mana (sort of like magic), and he wants to defeat this evil guy who can resurrect the dead and use them as his puppets. Ayato’s life is basically turned upside down, and as a result he wants to defeat the evil dude. There’s also romance. (Sorry that was a terrible summary!)

My story is still in the works (not published yet)!

I created most of the main characters, but I want to have this crowd scene, and I need a bunch of extras (in Limelight please).

If possible, I would like Asian characters (male and female). So for outfits: the style of my story is incredibly weird.

That is a sample male outfit. Any outfits like this are fine :slight_smile:

For the girls, there’s this new deep V dress that Episode just released! That dress with some kind of tank top underneath would be fine. And sandals for the shoes are okay. Any other clothes in that style are fine (they don’t have to be exactly what I mentioned above haha).

The clothing style for my story is sort of Victorian but a little more modern (?). Sorry, I’m still not sure myself how to describe it.

Anyways, I think I’ll need ~10 characters (?). Also, they can have various hair colors (natural, dyed, etc).

Thank you so much for reading through my request! Any help will be appreciated! Thank you!

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Thank you so much!!

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You’re welcome :wink: