Need small and large cover for my werewolf story called Running Wolves


Hi, I am new here and I was wondering if anyone can make me a cover for my first story called running wolves. if anyone can help me that would be great .:grin:

here are the char details

skin - light
brow- mature round
hair- beach wave (platinum blond)
eyes - upturned feline (blue)
face - oval
nose - soft natural
lips - classic ( terracotta )

skin - tan
brow - thin arch
hair - boy bun (fawn)
eyes - athletic round (green)
face - defined triangle
nose - button
lips - uneven (terracotta)


I will do it






I’m working on a few ATM and a few overlays but I’m sure people in the EpisodeStudio team would love to help


i can make it :slight_smile: here’s an example of my small

and my large

they kinda suck but if you want me make you one i’d be happy to!


That is some beautiful artwork :slight_smile:


They don’t suck!!! Get your first cover done as part of EpisodeStudio Lexi


@DeathlyCow @ChayChay thank ya :purple_heart:


looks good


I have faith you in and I’m sure they will love your work girl… GET R’ DONE


Hey if you want EpisodeDiamonds would be happy to do it!




ty :slight_smile: pm me if you want me to do them for you, it’s fine if not! :purple_heart:


You answered first the info is at the beginning girlie… just do them… lol


whats your instagram?




i can’t find it



oki i followed you