Need small and large cover

Hello I need covers for my new story called ‘Unloved’. If you want to do it please respond

i can do it if you can send me pictures of the characters in the pose you want.

my covers

okay can I send the character details instead of a picture

skin: tan
brows: seductive arch
hair: beach wave (charcoal)
eyes: upturned bold (white)
face: soft heart
lips: classic (mocha)

its more easy if you just send a picture in the clothes and pose you want.

well to be honest I dont know how to do that

you go into charaters. under save there is button called animation find one you like click on it. right click on your charatere and click save picture.

also can i get some details about the story and how you want the cover to look like? like colours and font. and background

its not working all it says is print , select all and read

you do right click on the character right. and then you click on save picture

still didn’t work I think its something to do with my computer

okay fine but if i shall save the pictures myself i need to know

how they look
and poses

if you have an Instagram I could send it to you

can you see my character with this link

okay. my instagream is josefinea95

i made a fast video on how to do it

it would be more easy if you just send me a picture in the clothes and poses you want.

if i shall make the charaters i can take an half hour just to make them. plush the time you giving me the details. while you already have them so you can do it in a minut

my computer is different it doesn’t do that

all pc works like that. you do right click right. and not left click

my story is a gang love story and I want it on this background

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thank you so much