Need some advice on my story

Hi currently writing my story it’s about the MC is forced to see a psychiatrist from advice from her agent. Feeling overwhelmed with expections from her fans friends and family she starts reevaluating her life.

I need some advise on what her career should be at first I thought model but now thinking a singer or actor which one would be better?

Do like a singer, who is used by Hollywood to pursue their manipulate brain washing needs.

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Awesome it would fit perfectly thank you

Make her a rapper, I see so few on Episode and I feel like they go through a lot of conflict with other Rappers and media to where it could be a good center for her career. There are also not a lot of Female Rappers who are popular.


I’m thinking since singing MC was founded in her teens and became a pop star she sick of selling out. She decideds to step away for awhile and reinvent her image using her own lyrics will she succeeded or will she fail.

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