Need some art for my Dirty Dancing Entry ♥••*´¨`*•.☆•


Hello artistic people! I’m currently working on my entry for the Dirty Dancing contest and would love it if someone could work with me to make a cover (or maybe multiple if you’re up for a challenge!!)
Message me to learn about the twist I’m adding to the story!

In exchange, I can give you credit in the story, send a shoutout to you on Instagram, and help you with your coding questions or other episode-related issues!



Episode diamonds can


send the deatils


do you need examples


Thanks for the rec!!


Hi @JessicaBegonia i can help





I’m already doing it


can you send the deatils


Nah u didn’t get a pm


@Jeremy and @Sydney_H, @linalilly10 is causing drama on this thread.


This isn’t worth fighting over. I’m just going to do the artwork myself :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Sorry on her behalf.


No they love drama


@JenniferH, stop.


This is really not fair to the girl who requested ART not you solving your personal things here :blush:


Thanks for sticking up for me!! I ended up trying to make my own because of this and I really like how it turned out!!


Yeey let me see, you can send me your art in Pm I would love to see it :blush:



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