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Hey guys :smile: ! im wondering whats your :thinking:favourite Episode stories, and what do you recommend and not recommend!!
Ive been searching around for a Completed episode that has the choice to characterise the Mc, I know this sounds cliché but I love reading love stories, that have like a very unpredictable plot twist or a “gang” kinda thing, haha I know it sounds silly but I love reading things where the love interest is “different” to the others.
Ive already read 15 stories (IVE LISTED THEM BELOW:::arrow_down::arrow_down: EVERYONE IM REALLY SORRY ITS LONG ASF) I enjoyed reading them but some were just written badly (lacking enthusiam, obvious plot twist etc.) (I am not judging anyone, I know its hard to write and to complete stories, this is just my opinion :roll_eyes:)

  • Bad boys girl
    - Bad girl Attitude (love how its written, actually favourite)
  • Babysitting the bad boy
  • The reason!! (another of my favourites)
  • I Despise you
  • My psycho
  • destined
  • Somewhere along the way
  • hot shot
  • Back an forth
  • Read My Lips
  • Cameron Dallad : Started with a lie
  • The royal baby
  • Crush on mr bad boy

and your opinions!!

Thank you for taking your Time to read this!! :blush:


i really like ,the new girl’ by saige mercer


I like the story “to bad for you” from Christine


Thank you @annabelb & @Arim !!


Speak by @J.Miley is amazing. It is currently 88 episodes long with the final two episodes supposed to be published in the next week or so.
Currently you can customize the MC and love interest, but rumor is she will be taking customization out when she revamps it down the road.
It has a TON of plot twists and will make you laugh, cry, swoon, and scream. Miley is the cliffhanger queen and knows how to make your heart ache.
Highly recommend it.


I was going to recommend to you: H & V: Bad to the Bone. but you’re looking for completed stories! Trust me. By the time you get to episode two, you’ll love it.


Loving Latino , if you want a romantic and dramatic story .
Whiskey , a fantasy romance


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Iridescent, Your Secret Admirer, Crossed Paths by @Days, The Night We Met (completed) by @BarS, Invariably, Oblivion, Changes, The Pact, THE PACT, Rebounding with Bad, Somewhere along the way (completed), My Skater Lover (completed), My Episode Lover (completed), Maid For You (completed), AFTER SCHOOL, American Boy, A Fetish For Perfection (completed), Stolen Moments,
The Spicy Payback by me❤️.


i think you’d enjoy Adrenaline. it’s won awards for directing and it is such an emotional story


My bae :sob: @dayheaven
thank you!




I love you!! Thank you so much!


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This is the story of Anne. She was adopted at the age of 2years old and lives in a very nice house in Virginia.
From an external point of view her life seems like a dream but her reality is more a nightmare.

Her adoptive mother hates her and never accepted her.

Anne is in love with Carter, the house maid son, and he is the one who makes her happy.

What happen when Carter has to leave?
What is Anne plan to leave?
Someone she will met will change her life.

Find out in:
If it was meant…

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