Need some assistance in finding a good story

Of course :heavy_heart_exclamation:

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Title: Reckless

Author: MoonFlareStories

Genre: Romance, Comedy, Drama

Style: Limelight

Info: This story has a money system where you earn money to purchase things in-game rather than the annoying gem thing. It also has scenes where you tap things in the background to make selections, choices that matter and change the story. You can customize your character, gain friends, and have your own interactive closet

Description: You’re off on your own in the city. But being young (and hired by a rich businessman to keep his affairs separate) it doesn’t take long for you to sweep up a giant mess cc cm




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Thank you so much @Olivia2124, ill definitely be reading this episode it sounds awesome! :kissing_heart::kissing_heart:

Thank you boo :heart:

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Ooo ive heard its good!:100: thank you again :heart:

I would recommend mine it’s not completed but I don’t think mine is any good but here it is anyway
Title: Trouble and Lies
Author: ams007
Genre: Drama
Style: INK
Description: Rose a 16yr old girl. Secrets and lies will be uncovered about herself and family.
Story Link:

some of my favourites like:
Deep Attraction is my ultimate favourite, complicated, my bad boys,
my gang leader, infamous, runaway:trouble, The Runway, Death the girl, the undercover student, bad royals, good cop bad delinquent, they don’t really have choices that matter God Cop Bad Delinquent does though I don’t think any of the others do.

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Hey! I think you’ll enjoy my story :blush:. I hope you’ll give it a chance!
Feel free to check out my story! Thank you for your time!

Feedback is appreciated!!

Title : Stand By Me

Chapters : 7 and counting

Style : Limelight

Genre : Drama

Description : You’re teenagers trying to live a normal life but life isn’t always fair. Troubling pasts, deadly secrets, will they be bliss in each other’s harsh realities?

(Viewers Discretion is advised)

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Thank you @Ams007, I believe all episodes written are good asf! just depends on the readers individual self. don’t doubt yourself hun :kissing_heart: and I will definitely have a Read at it!! Thank you for going through the trouble to help me :kissing_heart::heart::100:

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Thank you too!! @ChaoticDreamz I will definitely read this one too! looks awesome, thank you for going through the trouble aswell hun to help me and inspire me with new episode stories :kissing_heart::heart::100::100::heart:

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Wow thanks girl @QueenJewel99! :blush: I’d love to know what you think after reading :hugs:

“Dirty Little Secrets” by Cindy Gaultier is one of my favorites, :slightly_smiling_face:

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I recommend The Way We Were by @laurrstories.

Its a drama/romance/crime/mafia

story, and has crazy plot twists. Also some super hot scenes. I think right now it is at 40k reads.