Need some background characters (Limelight)

Hey everyone
I’m in need of some background characters for my story some will have a role and some won’t

The style is limelight so if you guys could Give me some characters details that would be great!

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here are some! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:




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Name : Sam

Appearance :
Nose: Round button upturned
Hairstyle: Straight Medium
Hair Color: Medium Warm Brown
Eye Shape: Female Generic
Eye Color: Hazel
Face Shape: Diamond
Skin Color: Neutral 02
Lips shape: Full heart Pouty
Lips colour: Pink peach medium matte

Outfit :
( You can change it)

Personality :
Sarcastic, Extremely vengeful, artistic, nice hearted, sweet but gets dark sometimes

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my drive:

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NAME: Rosia

ETHNICITY: Half Korean Half Mexican

PERSONALITY: Savage, but cares about friends, she is into going outside, and gets annoyed by cocky white girls.


SKIN: Neutral 03
EYEBROWS: Arched Short
HAIR: Long Thick Curls /Black Dark
EYES: Hooded Slender Almond Eyeliner /Brown Black
FACE: Heart Soft
NOSE: Round Broad
LIPS: Full Round Pouty /Dark Apricot Gloss

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