Need some background characters

Hi looking for some background characters and some might become regular for my story. Story of my so called life in the episode the MC is attending her high school reunion.
The style is ink
Can you please include below how you want your character to look like and if you want to include how you want your character to behave towards MC.

Hey Melc144!
Here are my character details:
Skin :Tan
Eyes :Upturned Bold (violet)
Eyebrows: Seductive arch
Nose: Soft Natural
Hair:Jules Hair (Chestnut Brown)
Lips: Classic (Scarlet)
Incase you want any other details let me know in my dm (shriya8episode) on insta…And I would like to know the name of the story

Hi! Here are my character details
Hair: Beach Wave Hair (Black)
Face: Soft Heart
Eyebrows: Defined Natural
Eyes: Upturned feline (Green)
Nose: Aquiline
Mouth: Classic (Terracotta)
Body: Olive
If the MC might find me as her friend i’d like to be the crazy but not so crazy one, somehow a version of Glinda the Good Witch

Face: oval
Skin: Tan
Eyes : upturned feline blue
Eyebrows: seductive arch
Nose : upturned
Hair: beach wave chestnut
Lips: blossom cherry/ruby red
Sorta like badass, cool and mean to other people, thought as scary by other people, thinks of mc as a little sister and will beat up everyone that hurts her

No problem my story is called Story of my so called life It’s being released soon. And you can alway follow me on my Instagram melc144.episode

Thank you so much if you got insta follow me on melc144.episode if not I will put up a post through the forums the day it’s released

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