Need some background help! (Car scene!)


So I am using the “INT. COMPACT CAR BACKSEAT BLACK - DAY” overlay that Episode provides, and I am pairing it with a looping background!

It is looking great, and I’m happy with the look, but I need to be able to “zoom out” so you can see the driver’s seat and the driver. Only problem is, there is no driver’s seat with this overlay, and I don’t know how to zoom out any farther, since even though I have not zoomed in at all, the background looks super close. (Which I don’t mind, but I want to be able to cut back and fourth between wide and close up shots, since my MC in this scene is having a conversation with the driver)

Any help would be greatly appreciated!

Thank you!

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(EDIT: I’ll include a picture of what my screen looks like!)

See how it just looks really zoomed in already? I don’t know how it’d be able to zoom out to see the driver.

You have to add your own front seat overlay if you gonna use episode’s overlay. But I do have a 1 zoned car interior.

There’s a full version, cut out front seat and just the back seat alone. I cropped out the windows so that the background its visible.

These are the original without the cut out windows ^

I believe these are from amepisode, so just make sure to credit her if you decide to use these.

Thank you, this is super helpful! Will it still be possible for me to put a looping background in behind the car?

Yes, just make these as overlays and have that looping background as the background.

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