Need some backgrounds? Use these!

So I wanted to make this topic so myself and others could share backgrounds of their own that they love! But please, make sure you only share backgrounds of your own. I know you wouldn’t do it with bad intentions, but it’s better if you don’t share other’s backgrounds.
Now, if you use mine, I do not require credit. I just require that you let me know you’re using them. So let me repeat- I do this for fun, not for credit!
Please be open and share your own backgrounds with your rules about crediting! This thread is open to everyone.
With all that aside, here are some of my backgrounds that you are allowed to use! :smile:

I’ve just made this one but it requires an overlay. I made it for my story- it’s meant to be the front desk at a doctor’s office.
Here’s what the background looks like with the overlay:

Here’s the background and overlay separately:

Thank you for checking this out!
Have a lovely day.


Amazing! I absolutely adore the kitchen ones~ :smile:


Some of my backgrounds!

♛Interior Backgrounds♛

♛Exterior Backgrounds♛



So are yours!

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Can I use them for my story?? They are SO *adorable and cute! I really like them <3


What do you use?

I had heard about that, but for some stupid reason I decided not to try it :joy:

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Wow, that is so kind of you! If you want to know I can also PM you what app I use, cause I decided I didn’t really wanna tell anyone! :heart: :joy:

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Holy crap!! Can I use one or two of these? This will go perfect for a scene I have in mind.