Need some characters for right now it is closed

it’s mikaela, and um, you can credit me @iDiOtSaNdWhIc13 on twitter!


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Would def want to be the best friend of the LL but anything will do. :slight_smile:

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how would you like to be creatied

episode_deana on ig

yes! & yea that’s fine! my instagram is - sydd.stories

Either my forum or u don’t need to whatever you’d like :heart:

hey everyone i just going to say this know lots of the character clothes will be changed with plot i hope that is ok because some of these are main people so

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hey everyone who gave me a character would any of you like so tpye of art like cover or outifts or splashes or mood boards or character cards

yeah, that’s cool if i’m one of them.

what do you mean? :thinking:

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yes you are one of main the group i should say
and like if you have a story write would you like a cover or a into something like that

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oh, okay, sorry! and i drew my own, have a nice day/night💛

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ok np


hi, me again lmao💀

i saw that you needed males so here’s another one of my characters💛

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