Need some characters for story...( ink)

Hello today I need some background characters and side characters for my up coming story

Here some important roles
MCs best friends (I need three)
MCs friend number 1: @Forever1201
MCs friend number 2: @Ayu
MCs friend number 3:

Next role I need is
Mean girls (I need three):
Mean girl number 1: @jessy.writes
Mean girl number 2: @Ayu
Mean girl number 3:

Now for a less important roles!
A lot of these might have lines

Teacher (I need around four or five)


So just pick the role you want and leave your character details and a outfit for them…


Mc Best friend 1:

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Mean girl :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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MC's friend 2

Mean girl 2


MCs friend 3 please
Skin: Tan
Brows: seductive arch
Hair: straight (platinum blonde)
Eyes: upturned feline (brown)
Nose: elven
Face shape: soft heart
Mouth: full round (terracotta)

You can pick her outfit