Need some characters (INK)

I am so lazy when it comes to making characters :rofl: so if you want, you can send me your INk character details below and I’ll make you a character in my story! And not just background characters, I’m missing some characters for some important roles! I will also shoutout your instagrams at the end of every episode for participating! It would save me a lot :blob_hearts:


Here is mine:

do you mind if I use you as a mc?!

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Not at all go ahead :blush:

YASSS finally, I’ve had character design block you just saved me tyy


Lol your welcome it was my pleasure :grin::smile:

would you like me to tag u in the credits and tag u in the post when the story is done?

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tyyy! would you like to be tagged in the story and when its finished?

@BEEBS07 @Forever1201


Yes please

Yes Please can you just say mine is the MC from my story Mum knows best? just on a readersmessage? x

sure and ok! Ill tag u both <3

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Here are my details:
Name: Ally
Oval face
Seductive arched eyebrows
Classic lips
Feathered hair, blonde (or lighter blonde)
Upturned nose
Upturned Feline eyes, blue
I think that’s all. :slight_smile:

Here is mine (ignore the LL version if you don’t need it)

Character sheet created by the amazing @Zagical


Name: Noelle

Name: Sarah

@Prityat @noelle09 @Cheris @Zagical @aprilt221 @Amcody

Omg tyyy! Would yous like me to tag yous in the story and on the post here when the story is published???


Yes please :blush:

ok! I will

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