Need some coding help!

I want to create a character who’s name will not be displayed in the speech bubble but when he/she introduces itself then the name will appear in the speech bubble.
I know the way creating two of the same characters one with no name name and other with name.
Actually I’ve seen in some stories that while talking the anonymous character introduces itself and in the next speech the name appears. How can I do that?
Plz help!

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When you create a character, there is script name and display name.
If you want the speech bubble to appear without the character’s name, don’t put anything under the “Display Name”.
Vise versa, you can create a duplicate character, name the character under the display name. The name of the character will appear in the speech bubble.

Yeah but how do I show the name during a conversation like-
*Jessica “Hey never seen you here before. New?”
*No name character “Yes I’m new here”
*Jessica “I’m Jessica, what’s your name?”
*No name character “I’m Claire”
*Jessica “Nice to meet you Claire. Are the new foreign exchange student?”
*Claire “Yes I am. Nice to meet you too”

I hope you got the idea… I want to do this. How can I?

Yep, that’s what I meant above. Simply just go to the create characters section, for the “no name character”, you don’t have to put anything under the “Display Name” as shown below.

Let’s say you are naming the “no name character” as “NAMELESS CLAIRE”,
your script name will be NAMELESS CLAIRE, and your display name will be empty.
your dialogue will be:

Yes I’m new here.

And if you want her name to appear, you need to create a duplicate character, and name her CLAIRE under script name and display name. Your dialogue will be:

Yes I am. Nice to meet you too.

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es axplained above you need 2 identically looking characters one will not have display name the other will.

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Thanks a lot. I think I got it. :smiley:

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